Migration and Development Council is a network for migrant and non-migrant organisations, companies and public institutions working in inclusion and development cooperation.

Between these actors we enable the exchange of expertise, experience and established projects. This way, we promote new, promising forms of cooperation between countries of the global South and North.



Promoting equal opportunities

We want migrant organisations and companies to play a bigger role in development cooperation. The migrant organisations have valuable expertise and have a bridging function. That’s why they can contribute to a more just and efficient development cooperation.


Strengthening cooperation

We enhance the connection between the global South and North on an economic, political and social level. This will create new forms of cooperation between migrant organisations, companies and public actors.


Raising awareness

We inform society and raise awareness about the context and realities in which inclusion and development cooperation is taking place. A special focus is put on post-colonial relations and resulting causes for migration.

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